Student visa procedure

Requirements from the student

Step 1

Following acceptance at Alpine Center, international non Indian students are required to provide the following documents in order to proceed with the application for the Study Visa.

You need to arrange a bank transfer payment of the tuition & other fees stated in the letter of acceptance, to Alpine’s Bank Account in India (see financial sheet). We will then provide you with Alpine’s receipt of payment which you will present to the Indian Consulate or the consulate that represents India as confirmation of meeting the financial requirements.

Students must obtain an official International Health Certificate (not from a private doctor) confirming that they are healthy and has no contagious diseases.

Students must obtain a Clean Criminal Record from the appropriate Authority of their country (or, if this is not available), a Declaration made before a Notary Public that they have not been convicted of any crime (Sworn Affidavit).

Photocopies of your passport

Colour passport photos

Step 2

The student will go to the Indian Embassy/Consulate in his/her country and present all the documents together with the Letter of Acceptance, original Application Form, Receipt of Payment, Clean Criminal Record, and International Health Certificate.

It is then at the discretion of the Indian Embassy to review the candidate’s file and issue the Study Visa. The Study Visa will be stamped in the student’s passport.

Step 3

Upon arrival in India with the Study Visa, Alpine's Admissions Office will arrange for the student to apply for the Foreigners Registration with the concerned authorities. Costs for the application will be covered by the student.

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