You don't need to climb
the Alps to reach the top!
You don't need to climb
the Alps to reach the top!
You don't need to climb
the Alps to reach the top!
You don't need to climb
the Alps to reach the top!
You don't need to climb
the Alps to reach the top!

News & Events


  • Wine Tasting Program coming up in April! Interested to take a tour in World of Wine? Contact us on 9923795884 for more information!

  • Study for a Swiss Diploma with one year in Goa and one year in Greece! For more information about this opportunity call 9923795884!

  • Interested in landing a Cruise Job? New Pre Embarkation Program is coming up in May! Don’t miss the chance to successfully joining the fastest growing industry in the world! For more information call 9923795884!

Consultancy & Training

The Alpine Consulting Unit (ACU) was formed to respond to industry demands in the areas of training, consulting and seminar services for the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry and also for educational institutions. Integrated with the Alpine hotel school it fully utilizes in-house resources; information, human resources and technology.

The ACU custom designs a complete package to meet your company's objectives by following a proven consulting process that integrates personal contact with quantitative and qualitative analysis methods.

The ACU provides, interalia, the following specialist services in the hotel, restaurant, tourism and education sector:

  • Hygiene Courses
  • Auditing
  • Conference Coordination
  • Wine Courses
  • Menu and Wine List Design
  • Hospitality Education Consulting
  • Personnel Recruitment and Selection.
  • Pre Embarkation Program for Cruise Lines

The strength of the ACU is that it can draw from its own international pool of experienced industry experts and academics who can provide you with solutions. The ACU can also bring together external specialist teams for specific purposes.

Please contact us on +91 832 275 4440 or mail us on for more information and offer.

Training Partner :

+91 9923795884
+91 9765886122
+91 832 2754440

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Alpine Center offers a portfolio of courses in hospitality and tourism management We’ll be very happy to assist you in choosing the right program for you. Book an appointment with our Admissions Officer by calling +91 9923795884, +91 9765886122, +91 832 2754440 or
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