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As an Alpine Center student you will:

  • Enjoy the benefit of studying in a truly international environment. You will gain maturity and valuable experience through the personality development exercises and activities that we do during the studies.

  • Be studying in a peaceful and beautiful environment where you really can focus on your studies!

  • It's not all work however! Other vital ingredients for the Alpine experience are student-centered fun, such as various campus clubs, and student parties. The more sporty types organize events on the beach. As an ambassador of your school, you will play an important role in furthering the standard and reputation of Alpine by displaying attitudes and behavior compatible with responsible and well-educated adults.

  • In order to make professional appearance a part of their everyday habits, students are required to be neatly and professionally dressed during lectures, meals and official events. The language of instruction is English.

  • Alpine's Applied Hotel Operations and modules, ensures that each student gains experience in all areas of the operation that are relevant to his/her program.

This system gives you responsibility right from the start, so you have many opportunities to gain self-confidence and other qualities of a leader: those you will need for success in your career and life generally.

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+91 9923795884
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Alpine Center offers a portfolio of courses in hospitality and tourism management We’ll be very happy to assist you in choosing the right program for you. Book an appointment with our Admissions Officer by calling +91 9923795884, +91 9923795884, +91 832 2754440 or
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The journey begins here! If you already know that Alpine Center is the ideal Swiss institution located in beautiful Goa, that can prepare you for a very exciting career filled with enormous opportunities: all you have to do is submit your application now and you will be in good hands!

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