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Study in a Colonial Surrounding! It's fair to say that hospitality education comes in many shapes and sizes from many areas across the globe. Few of them can though be found in such a beautiful surrounding as Alpine Center, India.


Our campus is situated in an over 400 Year old Portuguese Building in the middle of a Coconut Grove on Utorda Beach Stretch. You will actually be studying on historical grounds, within walking distance to Beautiful Utorda Beach and with small shops and restaurants close by. Our Campus is a Boutique Campus with all that comes with it. Beautiful Building, high to the ceiling, own chapel outside, balconies around the building and beautiful Portuguese style windows.


The theory classes are all held in the main building where we also have facilities for the basic practical training in kitchen, food & beverage, housekeeping and bar & beverage, however the applied operations and the advanced training is taking place in the restaurant in the Campus Area and in the 5 star hotels which are within walking distance from the campus.

+91 9923795884
+91 9923795884
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Alpine Center offers a portfolio of courses in hospitality and tourism management We’ll be very happy to assist you in choosing the right program for you. Book an appointment with our Admissions Officer by calling +91 9923795884, +91 9923795884, +91 832 2754440 or
Email : admissions@alpinecenter.in
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The journey begins here! If you already know that Alpine Center is the ideal Swiss institution located in beautiful Goa, that can prepare you for a very exciting career filled with enormous opportunities: all you have to do is submit your application now and you will be in good hands!

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